Os Mutantes


You know, you must take a look at the new land.
The swimming pool land. The teeth of your friend
The dirty in my hand
You know, you must take a look at me.

Baby, baby.
I know that's the way.(2x)

You know, you must try the new Ice Cream Flavor
Do me a favor. Look at me closer. Join and so go far.
And hear the new song of my Bossa Nova.

Baby, baby.
It's been a long time.(2x)

You know, it's time now to learn portuguese
It's time to learn what I know.
And what I don't know.(3x)

I know, with me everything's fine.
It's time now to wake up your mind.
We live in the biggest city
Of South America
Of South America
Of South America
Look here. Read what I wrote on my shirt.

Baby, baby.
I love you(4x)

Baby, maybe.
I love you

Baby, baby
I love you.

[You do]

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